If your friend is lucky enough to be back on Earth after the abduction, with unerased memories and in a human, he will definitely need this insurance policy.

Description of the accident insured: the insured is abduction and held captive without his permission by creatures of extraterrestrial origin.


Constraining conditions:

  • Alcohol or drug intoxication of the insured at the moment of abduction;
  • The insured is under the influence of psychotic drugs;
  • The insured is in a changed mental state;
  • The insured is legally incompetent or impaired due to a mental illness or other disease;
  • The insured was provoking the creatures of extraterrestrial origin by a public or private offense, including an exaggerated description of their appearance.

Supporting documents:

  • An official document signed by the officials of the leading international agencies, i.e.: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA) which can prove that the creatures, mentioned in the description of the accident insured, are of extraterrestrial origin.

Insurer informing procedure:

  • Cannot be performed by means of communication unfamiliar to the humanity or by thought transfer.


  • Validity period:
    1 calendar terrestrial year from the beginning of the insurance period. The abduction and rescue dates should fall in the 1 year interval. The year contains 365 earth days and is measured by earth time. The subjective length of the period may vary due to time paradoxes, as described in special relativity theory or not described yet, or due to the special features of time-space continuum;
  • Type:
  • Insurance coverage:
    — Abduction – $1000,000;
    — Abduction resulting in the loss of one or more body parts – $1500,000;
    — Abduction resulting in pregnancy of the female insured and an alien-human newborn – $3000,000;
    — Abduction resulting in pregnancy of the male insured and an alien-human newborn – $10 000,000.