A musthave for all the adventurers, hunters and fans of the wild!

Description of the accident insured: the insured is bitten by an aquatic vertebrate, i.e. a crocodile, which resulted in loss of a limb or some other body part*.

* males only.


Constraining conditions:

  • The accident insured must take place from the latitudes higher than ±66°33’44’’, that is, in the areas from Polar Circle to the Pole; the accidents must happen in the wild, not including the places of breeding and keeping crocodiles: zoos, crocodile farms etc;
  • When applying for the insurance payment the insured must present the animal, which has bitten him, in order to compare the bite marks on the body to the teeth of the animal.

Supporting documents:

  • A legal paper from law enforcement agencies of the state where the accident has happened, that can prove that the accident was not due to the actions of the insured that can be classified as provoking, aggressive or hurting the crocodile, including hunting, where the crocodile's actions can be due to self-defense.

Insurer informing procedure:

  • A written application with the print of the lost limb or body part.


  • Validity period:
    1 year;
  • Type:
  • Insurance coverage: