The best present for wedding, bridal shower or bachelor party. Real surprises for the newlyweds that will make them think about real life... and a marriage agreement.

Description of the accident insured: the insured divorce on the same day as their marriage is officially registered.

* insured - 2nd


Constraining conditions:

  • Official divorce petition must be submitted on the same day as the marriage is officially registered;
  • The insurance does not cover the cases where the fiance’s name is Montague and the fiancee’s name is Capulet.

Supporting documents:

  • All the features of marriage exist, including fulfillment of bedroom duties by the insured, which should be witnessed by the insurance commissioner.

Insurer informing procedure:

  • A wedding invitation.


  • Validity period:
    1 day;
  • Type:
  • Insurance coverage: