The best way to insure your money in the face of apocalypse...

Description of the accident insured: Damage of the property of the insured which was the result of the global changes in the world order leading to the destruction of planet Earth and/or its environment, due to the changes of the time-space continuum of the Universe or its parts.


Constraining conditions:

  • The insured must identify and reach the location of the insurer on their own in case of insured accident;
  • Only an individual in a physical body can get the coverage;
  • No applications from individuals who claim to have survived the insured accident and have returned back in time by the means of any time-transportation devices or using the curves or worm-holes in the time-space continuum.

Supporting documents:

  • The insurer must present evidence of having a physical body that belongs to him/her.

Insurer informing procedure:

  • Cannot be performed by means of communication unfamiliar to the humanity or by thought transfer, with the use of ghosts, spirits or any other unbodied creatures.


  • Validity period:
    to December 21, 2012;
  • Type:
  • Insurance coverage: